Books & Bone

423 pages

English language

Published Dec. 11, 2019 by Witch Key Fiction.

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4 stars (3 reviews)

A Librarians-and-Necromancy Fantasy with Small Town Charm in a City of the Dead

The others believe in blood and bone. Ree believes in books.

She manages the libraries and draws maps for the denizens of her hometown, a secret society of necromancers hiding in a sprawling underground crypt. Though they look down on her for not practicing their craft, Ree has bigger ambitions than raising the dead. She’s going to resurrect therianthropy, the ancient magic of shapeshifting. Or at least — she’ll do it if it really exists. And if she can find the books that prove it.

But Smythe, a chatty historian from the world above, stumbles into the crypt and takes a curse meant for Ree. Now she has to find a way to save him, keep the townsfolk off her back, and convince her necromancer parents that shapeshifting is a viable career path.

Ree is certain that …

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reviewed Books & Bone by Veo Corva

Incredibly written

5 stars

Books & Bone is an absolutely amazing book about a girl named Ree who lives in a necromancer city. She was the first child to grow up in Tombtown, a city for necromancers. Though she doesn't feel like one of them, she has seen what necromancy does with people, and she doesn't like that. She wants another kind of magic, thought of as fairytales.

It is just an amazing book. Every day once I started reading, it was nearly impossible to stop. There is much adventure and it is very exciting. I love the way things are written. In the end there are so much nice plot twists, I really adore that.

Tuesday I finished it. I had the book with me to school and as always I arrived half an hour too early. So I started reading. I kept reading and I had to read out aloud to prevent …

Review of 'Books & Bone' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Characters are delightful and engaging, with many flaws. The plot is a roller coaster that tears forward from one disaster to the next, with few pauses. I have some quibbles with the way the narrative is structured, but it's a good book.

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rated it

3 stars